Ian Chiddle

Ian Chiddle, Chair of Trustees

Ian has been involved with CRY as a volunteer soon after it first began and has been engaged in that capacity for many years. He has been active in many projects and commenced his most recent time as Chair in 2015.

Chris Parish

Chris Parish

Chris has long experience with CRY and social work and worked with the team for many years managing projects. He has been a trustee since 2013 and brings his day to day knowledge of the organisation to the board.

Margaret Walker

Margaret Walker

Margaret has a background in finance and brings her knowledge to the board as well as supporting the finance team. She has been a trustee since 2003.

Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown

CRY is all about children and with a knowledge of how they develop Katrina brings her knowledge of teaching and working with them to the board which she joined in 2016.

Jess Moss

Jeff Moss

Our shops are an important source of income to CRY and Jeff, with his years of experience in retail management brings his knowledge to assist the retail team at board level. Jeff joined the board in 2018

Craig Bousfield

Letting people know about CRY is crucial and with is experience in marketing and branding Craig brings his knowledge and enthusiasm to help CRY develop in this regard. Craig joined the board in 2018

Olanike Bamodu

Nike has been on the board since early 2018 and works in the commercial Risk Management sector. She brings this knowledge of the mitigation of risk as well as her general business experience.