Before and After ... the changes God can bring to situations.

The news is flooded at the moment with countries at war, in civil unrest, struggling with famine, and still living in lockdown. It can feel impossible to know how to help or how to pray for these situations. But we believe in a God who can change ANY situation and can sustain through difficulties.

Let's take a look together at some changes God has done through CRY for some of our projects, and become confident as we pray together for children and their families at this time that He can do it.

Orphan Support - Iraq

Orphan Iraq 1

We first started supporting this project in 2014. War, terrorist attacks, bombings, and killings resulted in hundreds of orphans in Baghdad who needed care. We started by helping 130 children with food and also activities to help with trauma.

Now, we support 170 children and our work has grown to provide educational activities and medication for children. We also expanded from one project to now three, helping families and refugees.

We are seeing children go from lonely and hurting to loved, cherished and laughing.

Primary School - Pakistan

Pakistan School 1

When we started supporting here, there were 40 children, with the aim to increase this to provide even more poor children with an education.

Before, teachers were unpaid and children had no chairs or tables to sit on. In the winter they had to wear coats and hats, and in the summer it was too hot to concentrate. They had limited resources such as books or stationery to study with.

Pakistan School 2

Now, renovated classrooms create a positive learning space, heaters and fans make the temperature comfortable, and uniforms and books bring support for their education. We have also built an extra classroom so have gone from two to three classrooms. This is all thanks to your support.

Cross Over Project - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe 1

When we first started supporting, this project was doing a brilliant job of supporting young people with an alternative learning system from overcrowded and under-resourced schools, ensuring young people were getting a good education. However, they had no fixed place to meet, and had been operating classes out of cardboard boxes for several years!

Your support enabled the introduction of ‘pop-up classrooms’, where they can store resources and do learning anywhere. Your support has also helped develop the mentoring programme, employ extra teachers and provide e-pap (nutritious porridge) to malnourished children in the project.

Pray with us

Though the recent unrest in South Africa is gradually subsiding, the effects will still be felt by many families. 276 people died as a result of the violence that followed the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma. Let's pray for peace, blessings and protection over the nation and those affected.

After the assassination of the President in Haiti, gangs still rule the streets with violence. Please pray for peace to be restored over the nation and for the protection of our school.

COVID-19 continues to spread across countries. The first wave was difficult enough, causing a loss of jobs and lack of food. Now, with a second or third wave, families who are already in difficult positions will suffer even more. Please pray for an end to the spreading of this virus, and for our project partners to continue to reach many in need.

Thank you for your support!