Armenian Crisis

Ngorno Karabakh

Recently war broke out in this little known region situated between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The people who live there are almost entirely ethnically Armenian but Azerbaijan claims it as its own, and after many conflicts in the past some 25 years ago it declared itself an independent republic, not recognized by the international community but supported by Armenia.

Armenia Lady Sitting

Azerbaijan is seeking to regain control over this region and were being fiercely resisted by the local Armenian population. The casualties, reported in the west, run into the thousands. Many men in Karabakh have been on the front line defending their territory. Their homes destroyed, many of their families are now evacuated to neighbouring Armenia.

This whole region is well-known to CRY. Martyn Dunsford, CRY`s founder, as a pastor regularly visits churches in Armenia and CRY already supports an amazingly compassionate work there caring for children with additional needs. Martyn has many times also visited churches in this remote territory of Ngorno Karabakh. We feel a great sense of connection to this extremely poor region and CRY has immediately responded to meet some of the needs there, supporting evacuated families in Armenia.

Armenia Provision

There are thousands of evacuated families being accommodated with relatives, friends, government-provided rooms etc. in Armenia and it is estimated that over 10,000 children are living in extremely difficult conditions, not to mention traumatized by war and with fear of what might happen to their fathers, grandfathers and other relatives caught up in the fighting.

Our partners in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, are providing food, clothing, medicines and medical costs, and other basic necessities and CRY is supporting their efforts. If you would like to make a donation to the needs of this region CRY can channel funding right to the heart of this situation and 100% of your gift will be sent there. Please contact us at: for more information on how you can donate to this work.