Lockdown 1, 2 and 3 in England... what about other countries?

During lockdown 1, many other countries were also in lockdown, and the majority of projects we support either closed or altered their community support to provide essential food packs. Our funding to them was reduced where possible, to ensure we remained financially secure, and by God’s grace, we were able to send all intended funds by the end of the year.

Now, as we endure lockdown 3, many of our projects are opening back up and are providing the level of care to communities which they did before the pandemic hit.

However, this causes difficulty for us: with our shops closed, and our usual fundraising methods halted, it will become difficult to fund our projects at the level they need.

We need your help to continue our support to children and their families.

Here's the latest news from our projects which are able to resume their work in their communities:

Kenya School

Fountains of Hope School - Kenya

For the majority of 2020, Kenya was in lockdown and our school in Kibera was shut. Families who live in the slums and rely on our meals and schooling struggled to feed their children with the nutrition they needed. We provided food packs to families and learning packs.

Then, in October, they opened back up to 40 students; a huge breakthrough moment in seeing a partial return to normality. Now, lockdown is easing and they have opened school back up to everyone - that's 140 students back in school, receiving nutritious meals and education.

Education provides opportunities, and sadly COVID-19 has caused a loss of learning for at least a third of the world's schoolchildren who don't have remote learning access. It is wonderful news that the children are back in school to catch up on their learning and be provided with opportunities again.

SL School

Destiny Grace Academy - Sierra Leone

The new school year began on September 16th 2020 for the lower school and October 5th 2020 for the higher classes, in accordance with the Sierra Leonean Government Covid guidelines. Each child has their temperature taken every day before they enter school and all children except nursery wear face masks.

The Home Leone programme concentrates on moving families from the local slums to Destiny Village, with their children attending our school. But we have now also integrated chidren from neighbouring villages who are in desperate need of a good education.


Personal Story

Fay was unhappy in the slum area where she lived, because she didn’t go to school or have good food. She says everything was difficult there. Her parents sold water in the streets, and she would often miss school to join them. Her dad was a day labourer when he could find work.

But now she is happy because she’s at Destiny Grace Academy. She has made a lot of friends. She attends every day, free from the responsibility to work. She loves school, and she is learning English quickly.

When she began school last year, Fay didn’t know letter sounds, or how to spell. But now, she is beginning to read, and can write words.

Now her father works in construction at Destiny Village, and has a salary. Her mum has started nursing school.

Cambodia child development centre

Child's Development Centre - Cambodia

During the recovery from Covid-19 pandemic, the Cambodian Government is reopening economic and business activities slowly and carefully. Our children in the centre have been able to go to school regularly again and follow the national guidelines regarding social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.

They are in a safe place and still have a warm and comfortable home to live in our centre, and nutritious meals to eat.

The academic year in Cambodia finishes in December, and the children were proud to complete the year, with three of them completing secondary school (a rarity for children in this region). They are very proud of their achievements despite their disadvantaged start in life. They expressed their gratitude to CRY and all donors who have been working so hard in this difficult situation to support them. Without this support, as vulnerable families and children, their hopes would never be realised.

Thank you for your support!