Fact file

Supported since 2015
Number of beneficiaries 100
Country Zimbabwe
Type of Support Enable Education

School can be really difficult for some children. Even with great teachers, good classrooms and a supportive social network, some children still find learning really challenging. In Zimbabwe, those global issues are compounded. Nearly all of the state funding for education is spent on teacher salaries, resulting in seriously inadequate classrooms and resources. Poverty and hardship are huge barriers to learning, and children who grow up in extreme poverty often trail behind their counterparts.

In Harare, Zimbabwe, CRY’s project partner has come up with an innovative and effective way of supporting those children learn. Our partners have spent the last 10 years developing a holistic, supportive and powerful learning environment where children that are struggling in a normal school environment can be provided with alternative and bespoke learning that will help them thrive.

This school aims to develop students with character, resilience and thinking skills that will best prepare them for the rapidly changing world in which they are growing up. They do this through a tried and tested approach where students are taught by mentors (untrained teachers with a passion for education). The lessons are done in small groups, and unlike mainstream education which relies on rote learning, are highly interactive and engaging. The mentors do more than just teach - they engage with the children’s families and communities, taking a systemic and holistic approach to their learning. They are not only concerned with their academic progress, but also their moral, social and spiritual development. The mentors themselves receive support and training to ensure that they have the resources and skills to be effective.

With the support of CRY and other partners, the project seeks to grow to support 100-150 children and train up 5 new mentors by 2020. By supporting this work you will help these children reach their academic and social potential.

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