Fact file

Supported since 2002
Number of beneficiaries 80
Country Romania
Type of Support Tackle Mental health

The children that CRY support in Brasov (three hours drive from Bucharest) are living in a desperate situation. The children have complex home-lives, where they are facing the daily realities of poverty, unemployment, addiction and violence. These children can face a bleak future, and this centre is working to help turn that around.

The vision of the centre is to provide these children with a home away from home - a place filled with harmony and joy.

The work of this centre is diverse, with each programme designed to meet a particular need of these children. Their work helps prevent school dropouts, see children thriving at school and going onto further education, and to share the Good News of Jesus.

That work begins with the homework club. While that sounds simple, the work they do has great power. The club provides a hot meal, and provides the children with homework help, giving them the skills and confidence they need to continue at school. For many children, this intervention is the difference between them dropping out of school, or continuing to learn. Its impact will be felt for decades, preventing the children from a future where they drop out of school, and live on the streets.

The centre provides a creche to provide a peaceful and loving environment for babies, while allowing single mums valuable time to look for employment or complete courses. Once a month there is also a food bank, where up to 25 families in need can access vital food supplies.

By supporting the work of the Day Centre in Brasov, you are helping provide a hopeful future to these children.

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