Fact file

Supported since 2020
Number of beneficiaries 92
Country Sierra Leone
Type of Support Enable Education

In Freetown, thousands of people live in horrific slums, with no access to clean water, sewage systems, safe homes or education. Home Leone is a project which is enabling 2000 people to leave the slums and move into a new village with thousands of low cost homes, supporting businesses, community infrastructure, education, and training, enabling beneficiaries to make the most of their opportunities.

CRY specifically supports Destiny Grace Academy, a school running from nursery to year 5. The children have relocated from the slums and have never had any education before. The plan is to move 750 children from the slums to this new village that is being built and to give these children a much better future than they would have had. The school opened on 9 September 2019 with the first 92 pupils across 4 classes. This will develop over the next few years to reach around 400 children in primary, 360 in senior and 100 in vocational training.

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