Fact file

Supported since 2018
Number of beneficiaries 100
Country Nepal
Type of Support Enable Education

Life in rural Nepal is difficult for children. There are few employment opportunities so families are very poor and struggle to cover their daily needs. The villages lack health provision, and the hospital is too far for them to access. Children can go to school, but the school is lacking enough materials for all the children, and with little employment, parents don’t understand the importance of education.

This centre was set up to fill in the gaps to ensure that children had the resources and information they need to succeed. Children get education support at the school, including extra tuition, school resources and their families are supported to understand the importance of education. They receive nutritious food, and information about having a balanced diet. The centre also provides health awareness training to the children and their families, ensuring that they are able to keep themselves healthy, avoid preventable disease, and know when they need to get extra help.

By meeting these children’s diverse needs, the centre is able to transform the lives of children, and help give all members of the community a better future.

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