Iris Zimpeto (Mozambique)

After a 16-year civil war, Mozambique is a country still suffering from the effects of mass fighting and destruction. The result has meant severe poverty throughout the nation. According to the BBC, more than half of Mozambique’s 24 million population continue to live below the poverty line.

CRY works in the capital city of Maputo supporting a children's centre known as ‘Iris Zimpeto’. The centre looks after 250 children who are either at risk (in their own home) or in need of care, medical attention or are orphaned. They are given a place to live that is safe, caring and gives proper nutritional support. Children are also supported through food boxes or milk programmes. These are given to children to provide a better start in life by boosting their health. They add more proteins, vitamins and calcium to encourage quicker recovery from malnutrition and provide healthier base level to fight childhood illnesses. Those who fail to thrive on this level of support are referred to the centre. It is a privilege for CRY to be involved in the running of this centre and seeing children's lives changed for the better in this part of the world.