Fact file

Supported since 2014
Number of beneficiaries 130
Country Albania
Type of Support Tackle Mental health

Korce is one of the more prosperous areas of Albania, but it also houses a large Roma/ Egyptian population for whom life is hard. They are trapped in a cycle of poverty, often living in settlements that lack running water, electricity and public services. They are unable to apply for housing or loans due to their low incomes, and face daily discrimination preventing their access to social services, welfare payments and healthcare.

Many children are forced to be independent with parents away or unable to provide for them due to work, imprisonment or addiction.

The Living Water Project aims to provide a loving environment where these children can feel safe and accepted.

The centre provides a space for these children to play and be free from adult responsibilities. The children are picked up from across the city by a free bus that brings them to the centre and takes them home again safely. While at the centre, they do crafts, sing songs and make friends. The teachers help support learning, providing basic education to help children remain in school, or go back into school where that is possible. They also provide basic health care, dental care, and practical supplies (such as clothes or food packages) as needed.

The hope of the centre is that children come and find a safe place to learn. Their vision is that every child that comes through the doors might find some relief from the challenges of their home situations and be able to play, learn and find acceptance.

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