Fact file

Supported since 2013
Number of beneficiaries 1700
Country Togo
Type of Support Enable Education

The Lome Children’s Centre provides a home for 15 orphaned children who would otherwise be living on the streets. These children are provided with a home, food, medical care, clothes, scholarships to go to school as well as a loving home. In addition to this group of 15, the centre also provides support to 40 other children, who live with extended family but are jointly supported by the centre with meals, games and activities after school.

The centre also provides a school that was built thanks to the funds provided by CRY. WIth just 51% of children completing primary school, (source) the impact of a quality education cannot be overstated. The school has grown rapidly since it opened, currently educating 1,700 children in 23 classes. As well as accessing teaching, many children also receive help with school fees or have their education paid for, along with stationery that they need. In addition to funding the school building, CRY have also supported 300 children by helping pay for their school fees (with parents paying what they can), and providing them with stationary, uniforms, bags and shoes - tools that give children self respect, a sense of value, and the resources to support their learning.

Their educational support doesn’t stop there. Children are supported to find apprenticeships in mechanics, carpentry or opthamology to help launch them into careers. The school also opens its doors to women in the evenings. These women, many parents of the students, work in the local market, and many have never been able to go to school. 160 come to the school to learn, replicating the curriculum of the students, so that they can help them at home. This is provided for free.

But that isn't all. The Centre is committed to meeting the needs of these children, and so also support them with their health needs. Medical Centre also provides medical and opthamology help for the community, subsidising or providing care free of charge to those unable to pay. Second-hand glasses are always welcomed!

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