Fact file

Supported since 2016
Number of beneficiaries 94
Country Pakistan
Type of Support Enable Education

All children have the right to an education, but in Pakistan, for too many children, that right is not being realised. 44% of 5-16year olds do not attend school.

Gender equality is also a problem in education, with boys outnumber girls at every stage of schooling. That is not just a barrier now, but will mean that there is a constraint to the economic freedom and potential that girls have access to for decades ahead.

CRY is proud to support this Primary School in Punjab, whose vision is to prepare children for future leadership through a quality education setting. The school provides quality education, and is equipped with the appropriate uniforms, furniture, textbooks and supplies it needs. There is a robust teacher training programme, to ensure that the teachers are continuing their development and covering the syllabus.

The school is helping children like Manahal. She is 7 and comes from a large family with 6 children. Both her parents are illiterate, and they are unable to get well paid employment. Her parents know the power of education, but would have been unable to afford the transport, equipment and food required to send their children to school. They are desperate for their children to get an education, knowing that it will transform not only their lives, but the opportunities that future generations will have. Manahal is thriving at school, growing in confidence, learning and social skills.

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