Fact file

Supported since 2019
Number of beneficiaries 500+
Country Peru
Type of Support Empower Girls

The life for children in Peru varies massively. While the country has made real progress in improving the lives of young Peruvians, only some children can take advantage of these advances, with many children left behind. A third of families live in poverty, and unemployment or low paid professions mean that families are struggling to meet their basic needs, and find it difficult to provide safety for their children.

Social Centres like Project Corason, provide places to get health advice, clean water and sanitation, hygiene advice, and education. The centre provide a vital service for children and young people - acting as a safe place where children are nurtured, supported and receive care.

The project works with children located in the outskirts of Cusco, a rural and less developed region. Many children here live in families where the parent or parents work for many hours and/or have problems with alcohol. Some children have to care for their younger brothers and sisters and grandparents, and so having a safe place where they can spend time, and be temporarily freed from responsibility is paramount.

Corason provides food and other services to children with limited economic resources and assists them in developing their intellectual, physical, social, artistic and spiritual capabilities. The project has a large room for activities and events, they are currently building a kitchen and work area and a sports field. The project also offers regular activities for the parents of the children such as education in hygiene and medical help.

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