Fact file

Supported since 2019
Number of beneficiaries 30 families
Country Turkey
Type of Support Support Refugees

Turkey continues to host the largest number of refugees worldwide, as the number of people forcibly displaced across the world due to conflict, violence and persecution hit record levels. Turkey currently hosts over 3.6 million registered Syrian refugees along with over 365,000 persons of concern from other nationalities. (source)

We are determined to do all that we can to support these families, who are in such need. The funds from CRY will be used to provide regular food packages for 30 families.

These families are living in desperate circumstances. They are living in unsanitary and dangerous temporary housing, are often unable to get work, and where they can, it is poorly paid. The result is that children, who have already been through such upheaval and trauma are not getting the adequate nutrition they need. These food packages are a simple but vitally needed intervention.

We are looking to increase the number of families we support over the coming years.

Give Life

Our work is only possible thanks to people like you. The more money given, the more children we can help all around the world.