Fact file

Supported since 2019
Number of beneficiaries 35
Country Nigeria
Type of Support Education

A 2017 report by the Nigerian Government concluded that it had the largest number of children in the world who are not being educated. (source) While most of those are in the north of the country, in Lagos, the Capital City, desperate poverty, domestic servitude and child labour mean that too many children need to work during the day, and so are unable to attend traditional schools.

The Sure Foundations School is practically addressing this problem. It is opening a school that runs from 4-7pm, making it accessible for those who need to work during a typical school day. The focus of the school is to provide the children with a basic standard of education, and a vocational skill, be it tailoring, hairdressing, weaving, carpentry or bread-making, to help them earn a living and secure a safer future. The school is provided either free, or at a nominal fee, depending on the circumstances of the individual child.

CRY is funding four teaching posts, to ensure that each child can get the support they need. This education will help break the cycle of poverty and give the children that will attend the possibility for a brighter future.

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