Christmas 2023

United Kingdom

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Collaboration Magazine

It all started with a story. One that shaped our world forever and inspired millions of other incredible lives throughout history. This Christmas, uncover stories behind the story. Through our partnerships with remarkable individuals worldwide, we have witnessed positive impacts that have spanned generations and touched the lives of thousands of children. This year we have written down some of these stories...

In Collaboration with international creators, journalists, and our project partners, we have produced a Magazine. Order your copy today as a treat for yourself or as the perfect Christmas gift - all proceeds and donations will support vulnerable children worldwide.

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Furthermore, as a charity, we remain dedicated to aiding children worldwide. We achieve this by collaborating with various projects that assist underprivileged communities in over 40 countries. Your generosity is invaluable in enabling us to continue this vital work. We hope the inspiring stories we wrote in this magazine will encourage you to join us in supporting CRY's cause and making a difference.

All profits from the sale of the Magazine and/or any Christmas donations received will be directed towards assisting vulnerable children across the globe.

Merry Christmas

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