CRY is a Christian children's charity which believes in a world where all children and young people are able to fulfil their God-given potential.

We work in 30+ nations to meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised children, to help them grow up in safety, and with the support and resources they need to survive and thrive.

We do this through partnerships with local NGO or church partners, working with them to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people, whatever those needs might be.

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Our work falls into 5 key areas:

Enable Education

Education icon We understand the importance of education in helping elevate people from poverty. We work with schools to help with building classrooms, providing furniture and textbooks, paying teachers and providing hot meals for students who can’t afford it. We empower children and adults with life skills and practical skills such as cooking, sewing, music and motorbikes to improve their chances of finding employment and increasing their confidence. We enable the most vulnerable to get access to an education they would otherwise not receive.

Empower Girls

Nutrition Icon Across the world, girls are often overlooked and not given the same opportunities as boys. CRY’s heart is to tackle gender inequality by providing higher education, vocational courses and apprenticeships. Through these initiatives, we aim to help & empower young women to reach their full potential.

Support Refugees

Homes and support icon When children are refugees they often lack the physical and emotional support needed to protect them from harm. We have a number of initiatives around the world that provide a place to rest, have food, receive clothing and play. These projects also support refugee children with educational opportunities, life skills and spiritual & emotional care.

Provide Aid

Community icon We work with some of the most vulnerable communities worldwide by providing much-needed supplies like food, clothes, blankets and nappies. We operate and provide aid in some of the most difficult areas on the planet including, conflict zones, refugee camps, rural and hard to access villages and countries heavily affected by climate change and its consequences.

Improve Mental Health

Emotional support icon We support children’s mental health by helping them process and overcome some of the trauma caused by their personal circumstances and/or history. Whether that be through healthy mind related courses, a discipleship programme that uses counselling and trauma-informed therapies to help children heal, or by providing access to sporting, pedagogical & fun activities. Furthermore, we also tackle mental health by facilitating children’s access to meet with professionals in this field - such as social workers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers or religious leaders.

Our head office address is:

Care and Relief for the Young (CRY)
Sovereign Place
Upper Northam Road
Hedge End
SO30 4BZ

Head office contact details:
01489 788300

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