How We Helped Lebanon

Up to 80,000 children homeless after Beirut explosion*

Very recently, news hit the UK of an explosion in Beirut, which killed over 200 people, injured thousands more and made 300,000 people homeless (which is the equivalent of the town of Brighton and Hove!). The tragedy and unrest continues, as protests rage and the government is uncertain.

As some you may know, we are partnered with a project in Lebanon dealing mainly with Syrian refugee children. Our partners are safe, but in shock, they are supporting families in the area who they know but the more they respond to crisis calls, the greater they are seeing the devastation the explosion has caused. Now the dust has settled our partners in Beirut have established a reliable way to help the families in their community. They write:

  • Several of the families we support have lost their homes or their homes are severely damaged.

  • Trauma, shock and injuries are evident everywhere

  • The refugee needs all over the country are still huge, and the need to help is greater than ever, because focus and resources are now on Beirut.

Here’s how our partners have helped:

  • Teams have been and still are going door to door to help in any way they can, but mainly providing food and water for those in need.
  • As the food and water situation eases, they have set up a workshop making doors and windows, beds, tables and chairs etc. for families
  • Continuing to support the refugees as usual but now alongside the Beirut families who need help

They need our prayers. They need our support.

Please will you consider standing with us through prayer or donations? Anything makes a huge difference to a family who has lost everything.

Care and Relief for the Young Account number: 20260363 Sort code: 207925 Reference: Your Name ‘LA’ (Lebanon Appeal)

Or go to our donate page.

Thank you for your support

*UNICEF 2020