Unrest, shortages and riots


Food shortages. Rising prices. Civil unrest. Haiti is currently a country filled with fear, as people struggle to afford food for their children, and cannot leave their houses for worry of getting caught up in the riots.

Photo of three children eating

In Autumn 2019 there has been such mass rioting in the streets that the children have been unable to attend our breakfast club and school.

“We ran out of food and money but the last three days the border to the Dominican Republic has been opened. We have now been now able to buy food. Travelling is dangerous with road blocks and violence. It is not known how long this situation will continue.” Project Partner, 4th October 2019

They hope to open the school next week. We have been able to send funds so they have food, and banks are now open and fuel has been made available. The area is still very dangerous. There are plans for the UN to intervene on the 16th October, but it is not known what the outcome may be.

Photo of school children

Please pray with us for Haiti’s political unrest to still, and for our children’s safety.

When the school reopens, our support to the breakfast club will be invaluable. Children whose families have been unable to buy much food will get the nourishment they need. We can’t do it without you. Please consider donating to the project. Thank you.