Fact file

Supported since 2015
Number of beneficiaries 370
Country Guinea
Type of Support Enable Education

Education is a right for all children. It is the pathway to employment, economic freedom and opportunity. But all too often, children are denied a high quality education. While access to primary education is excellent and most children are enrolled, the quality and barriers to attendance is widespread. Just 50% of children actually attend primary school, and even fewer (around 20%) attend secondary school. This means that just a quarter of adults are literate, and 43% of the population live on less than £1 a day.

Education is particularly important for girls, where it has been shown to reduce child marriage, exploitation and increase income and employment opportunities. In Guinea where 35% of young girls are married before adulthood, and 44% have had children before the age of 18, the access to quality education is even more significant.

Poverty and gender shouldn’t be a barrier to education and opportunity. That is why CRY supports the Jubilee International School. This school, in the city of Conakry provides education for 370 children a year. CRY supports the school by providing school fees for the poorest children to attend the school. This gives children an opportunity to education which would otherwise have been out of reach. The school provides children, often from the poorest sections of society with a safe and secure place to learn. This education gives confidence, enhances skills and allows the children the hope of a better future.

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