Fact file

Supported since 2001
Number of beneficiaries 151
Country Russia
Type of Support Education

One of CRY’s longest standing projects, the New Way School is a powerful place. This inspirational school is committed to ensuring excellence and opportunity for all of its children. Our support helps pay for school fees, materials, food and equipment for the children. These remove some of the barriers that were facing the children, and give them the best chance at future success.

The school was originally set up to support refugees who weren’t entitled to be educated by the state. They worked hard to ensure that each child that attended the school was getting a quality education, with a dedication to excellent teaching, and sharing God’s heart. They soon realised that the quality of education in the state-run schools was incredibly poor, and so opened up the school to the local community as well. Many parents locally struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism which can result in them leaving the family as single-parented, or both out of work and poverty-stricken and unable to provide support and resources for their children to be able to go to school. The school steps in, providing social support, education supplies and a reliable and consistent environment for the children to thrive.

Their dedication and vision for excellence has seen wonderful rewards. The school has the best academic achievements in the town. Furthermore, the students are given opportunities to develop a wide range of abilities and talents, including speaking, art, music and drama. Parents recently said: “We wanted our children to grow up in an atmosphere of love, friendship and acceptance. We were praying for Christian kindergartens and schools to appear in our country. Now my girls study in a wonderful Christian school. They are surrounded by kind teachers who love them and care about them.”

By supporting this work, we are ensuring that all children in the local community of Armavir, no matter what type of family they come from, are able to access a quality, God-centred, supportive and creative education.

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