Fact file

Supported since 2017
Number of beneficiaries 100
Country Bulgaria
Type of Support Enable Education

Children from Roma families face enormous barriers to meeting their full potential. Social exclusion and inter-generational poverty are made worse by a cultural distrust and dis-interest in traditional education. High levels of poverty, and large family sizes mean children are forced to drop out of school early to help earn money, or look after siblings.

Education is a vital part of lifting families out of poverty, as well as gaining skilled employment and opportunity. Roma children shouldn’t have to miss out.

Sliven Life Centre is a social project, reaching the poor and illiterate children in the town of Sliven with education. The church-run school provides daily classes to help children learn to read, write and count. Having these skills will not only improve their social integration, but make it much easier for the children to re-join mainstream education. It also runs weekend classes for older children to help supplement their schooling and help them stay in education. The school works with community leaders, parents and families to show the value of education, and encourage them to enrol children into school.

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