CRY is a unique organisation, and supporting our work is an effective way for supporters to have real, tangible impact.

Photo of classroom in Togo

We work in partnership

We know that the best placed to meet the needs of children and young people are those that understand their context, their needs and the local setting. That is not us. That is why we partner with the local church, and local leaders who are embedded in their community and are trusted and respected. They are best placed to identify the needs of children and meet those needs in a way that is culturally appropriate and impactful. What we can do is to support them with regular reliable funds, prayer and leadership and training where that is desired.

Your money goes to where it is needed

The money that is raised or donated by our supporters in the UK goes straight out to the projects that we partner with. We have a small UK team that are primarily focussed on raising funds. We work diligently and passionately to make sure that as much of your money as possible goes straight to the people that need it. There is no international organisation or any in-country teams that need funding.

We provide long term, committed support for our projects

We know that the most helpful way of supporting our partners is through long term, committed, reliable income. This helps them plan for the future and ensure they are able to sustain themselves. By supporting CRY you aren’t giving one-off help, but you are helping build sustainable, impactful legacy of support that will impact children right now, but also in the years and decades to come.

We are values based

We are an organisation rooted in our core values - our Christian beliefs, our respect and integrity, our ambition for excellence, and our partnership working. These values underpin everything we do in the field, how we work with our partners, and every way that we raise funds. We are passionate about the work we do and want to help you understand the situations in which we work to help you engage through giving or praying.