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God's desire and CRY's vision is to see children rise beyond poverty.

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  1. Empower Girls
  2. Enable Education
  3. Improve Mental health
  4. Support Refugees

Through our partners, we provide aid, clothing, and other basic necessities to vulnerable children worldwide. However, we strongly believe that to lift a child out of poverty, their needs must be met holistically, not just through physical support. This is why we invest in and support projects that focus on enabling education, improving mental health, supporting refugees, and empowering girls. We refer to these initiatives as the Four Routes Beyond Poverty.

Empower Girls

Across the world, girls are frequently overlooked and denied the same opportunities as boys. CRY, in collaboration with its partners, is dedicated to combating gender inequality by providing avenues for higher education, vocational training, and apprenticeships, alongside offering essential aid and hygiene provisions. Through these initiatives, we strive to empower young women and enable them to realise their full potential and rise beyond poverty

Enable Education

We understand the importance of education in helping elevate people from poverty. We work with schools to help with building classrooms, providing furniture and textbooks, paying teachers and providing hot meals for students who can’t afford it. With our partners, we empower children and adults with life skills and practical skills such as cooking, sewing, music, and motorbikes to improve their chances of finding employment and increasing their confidence. Through our network of partners, we empower the most vulnerable to access education they might otherwise be deprived of, while also ensuring they receive essential aid and all the basic necessities every child deserves.

Improve Mental Health

Through our partners, we improve children's mental health by helping them process and overcome trauma caused by their personal circumstances, war, natural disasters, or their history. Our efforts include healthy mind-related courses, a discipleship programme that incorporates counseling and trauma-informed therapies, and providing access to sporting, educational, and recreational activities. Additionally, we improve mental health by facilitating access to professionals such as social workers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, and trained religious leaders.

Support Refugees

When children become refugees, they frequently lack the physical and emotional support necessary to shield them from harm. Through a variety of partner initiatives worldwide, we offer safe spaces for rest, nourishment, clothing, and play. These projects also provide educational opportunities, life skills training, and spiritual and emotional care for refugee children, helping them rebuild their lives with dignity, and hope to rise beyond poverty.

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